Advance Futures & Options Course

Course Content:

Introduction to Futures & Options

Futures Terminologies like:

  • » Margin & respective lot sizes (Nifty, Bank Nifty & individual stocks)
  • » Mark to Market (MTM)
  • » Long Futures
  • » Short futures
  • » Hedging
  • » Speculation
  • » Arbitrage
  • » Effective trading strategies for sustained profits in futures markets


  • » Introduction to Futures
  • » Difference between spot, forward, futures, options & swaps

For a successful stint at stock trading, options strategies are considered as one of the most reliable tools. The contemporary Online Technical Analysis Course in Mumbai fails to predict the highly dynamic market conditions that encompass the diverse spreads of bullish, bearish, neutral and hedging markets. Trading4Living Academy offers premiere Option trading courses in Mumbai that have been created based on the current market data and current stocks. Each course offers a complete understanding on the use of strategy and the results that can be expected from its application in the live market.

It is worth noting that each option trading strategy generates different results. Our Online technical analysis course offers an in-depth insight into the analysis of different Options strategies using online software. Each course uses trading options at the expiry with focus on generating rich income on stock and mutual fund portfolio.

The key features of Online Stock Market Training Course offered by us are:

  • Advanced technical analysis
  • Application of beta decoupling method to evaluate intraday pair trade
  • Application of Gann angle in charting out the Options strategies
  • Understanding the Option price models and tips to choose timely stocks
  • Formation tricks to option strategy
  • Application of technical analysis to markets dealing in equities, commodities and ForEx.
  • Identification of trend and its duration

Evaluating statistical tools like Trend Lines, chart patterns, Fibonacci retracements, Moving averages and Oscillators. When you can choose the time, place and duration of the Stock Exchange Courses In Mumbai through Trading4Living Academy, why would you look anywhere else? Our easy-to-understand Option Trading Courses In Mumbai equip traders and investors with Futures options strategies that are feasible in every market cycle and are set to maximize profits in trended markets. Earn the tag of a 'Certified Option Trader' with us in shortest time!!!

Introduction to Options:

Difference between American & European Options

Understanding option terminologies like :

  • Strike price
  • Intrinsic Value
  • Time Value
  • In the money options
  • At the money options
  • Out of the money options

How to trade using option strategies like:

  • Long Call
  • Short Call
  • Synthetic Long Call
  • Long Put
  • Short Put
  • Covered Call
  • Long Combo
  • Protective Call
  • Covered Put
  • Long Straddle
  • Short Straddle
  • Long Strangle
  • Short Strangle
  • Collar
  • Bull Call Spread Strategy
  • Bull Put Spread Strategy
  • Bear Call Spread Strategy
  • Bear Put Spread Strategy
  • Long Call Butterfly
  • Short Call Butterfly

Understanding of Option greek terms like:

  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Theta
  • Vega
  • Rho
  • How to use Options Greek calculator to select the right strike price for profitable trades
  • Practical experience/exercises of trading in Nifty & Bank Nifty using option strategies
  • Lifetime support in terms of solving doubts/queries if any.

Course Duration:

15 Hours. ( 10 Sessions of approx 1.5 hours each)

Program Fees: Rs 20,000/- per student

Group Training:

  • 2 Students: Pay RS. 36,000 Only!
  • 3 Students: Pay RS. 48,000 Only!

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