Advance Technical Course

Course Objective

The main objective of this program is to impart knowledge to our customers in technical analysis and help them in understanding certain concepts, techniques and methods related to trading and/or investing.

Who can join this course?

» You are a trader/investor in the markets.

» You are working for a brooking house/bank/mutual fund/financial institution.

» Who want to make 2nd source of income

Course Duration

45 Hours (30 sessions of 1.5 hours each) (Timings can be flexible as per the trainee and trainer's work schedule)

Eligibility Criteria

A very basic understanding of how the financial markets function

Program Fees: Rs. 40,000/- per student

Group Training:

2 Students: Pay Rs. 76,000 Only!

3 Students: Pay Rs. 1,08,000 Only!

Students can avail 5% discount, if fees paid in 1 installment.

Overview of Course

This program aims to enable the individuals to understand the advanced concepts of Charting. It is designed to impart knowledge to the participants so as to enable them in effective decision making and making sustained profit in intraday, swing and positional time frame.

Course Content

  • Importance of Dow Theory & Construction of candlestick patterns
  • 40 Important Reversal & Continuation Patterns with extremely profitable trading strategies
  1. Engulfing patterns.
  2. Hangman
  3. Spinning Top
  4. Shooting star
  5. Inverted Hammer
  6. Piercing & Dark cloud Cover
  7. Harami Patterns
  8. Star patterns
  9. Tower Top & Bottoms
  10. Dumpling top & Fry pan Bottoms
  11. Shaven Top & Bottom
  12. Counterattack Lines
  13. Hammer etc.
  • Use of Momentum Indicators to identify speed & trend reversals
  1. RSI
  2. Volume Analysis – On Balance Volume / Accumulation & Distribution
  3. Moving Average (EMA)
  4. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  5. Bollinger bands
  6. Stochastic Oscillator
  7. Parabolic SAR
  8. Use of ADX & importance of +DI & -DI
  9. Williams % R
  • Application of special western techniques with candlestick patterns like:
  1. Head & Shoulders
  2. Reverse Head & Shoulders
  3. Flags
  4. Pennants
  5. Ascending & Descending Triangles
  • How to effectively draw trend lines to identify the right support & resistance points in a chart.
  • How to use Heikin ashi patterns to benefit in swing trading.
  • Significance of Trailing stop loss method to ensure very high success rate in trading/investing.
  • Use of Gann Fan to identify momentum trades.
  • How to use Fibonacci projections & retracements to identify long term & short term targets
  • Analysing global economic data from different countries like India, USA, Europe & China
  • Impact & significance of global equity markets on Indian markets
  • Practical experience of trading on positional & live charts
  • Exercise to analyse over 50 stocks, indices, commodities during the course
  • Method of selection of stocks/indices for intra-day & positional trading
  • Identification of long term & short term bull & bear markets using multiple global indices charts.

Use of special tool:

  • Andrew’s Pitchfork to identify correct pivot support & resistance levels
  • Thorough sector analysis to identify right sector stock to buy & sell during extremely bullish or bearish market phase
    • 3 strategies for INTRADAY trading.
    • 9 strategies for SWING trading.
    • 3 strategies for POSITIONAL trading.

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